A Day at Home

What does a day at home look like for me right now? Well, it mostly revolves around Sleep and PT exercises…even on the days I don’t have a PT session. Sometime between 5 and 7AM: wake up and feed the cats (more of a chore with the wheelchair than I’m used to it being), plus […]

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Week 1 at Home

I expected to update more often, but this last week most consisted of more waiting than doing, so… My mom arrived on Friday morning and left on Wednesday. She did a ton of things around my apartment to make it easier for me to get around: rearranged furniture and storage items, took my bed apart, […]

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Rehab: Day 4

My last full day here. Who knew that a “week” in insurance company language meant 5 days? Tomorrow, I’ll still have some therapy sessions, since I’m not leaving til late in the day, but mostly it will just be doing stuff to get ready to leave. I feel like today was exceptionally busy. I didn’t […]

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Rehab: Day 3

I’m having trouble coming up with the words this afternoon. I had an emotional afternoon/evening, so I think I’m going to start with that, rather than going chronologically. Maybe then the words for the rest of the day will come more easily. During my last therapy session of the day, my case manager came to […]

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Rehab: Day 2

My first day of therapy. And it’s a doozy of a day: PT at 9AM, OT at 2:30PM, PT at 5:30PM, and OT at 6:45PM. At 45 minutes per session, that’s 3 hours of therapy spanning 9am to 7:30pm.  Both PT sessions are individual, while I have 1 individual and 1 group OT session. Since […]

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Rehab: Day 1 (Eval Day)

My first official day of rehab. I was given my schedule of evaluations yesterday evening, just as I’ll be given my therapy schedule each day. Last night was much like every night this past week. Normally, I sleep on my right side, which doesn’t work right now! So, I have to find a different comfortable […]

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